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How to care for your Luxury Wig!

Posted by Libby Were - Operations Coordinator of Luxury Wigs on

Our experts have designed products specifically to protect your Luxury Wig! It is very important to wash your wig with wig shampoo and conditioner that does not contain alcohol so it doesn't dry out your wig and prolongs the life of your wig.


  • Comb the tangles out of the wig while dry, starting from the bottom and working up
  • Fill your sink with cool water
  • Stir a 20cent piece of Luxury Wigs shampoo into the water
  • Gently wash the wig, don’t ‘scrub’ or it will tangle the hair. Keep the hair flowing in 1 direction. Concentrate on cleaning the inside of the cap but be careful not to scrub the lace front - this is a very delicate piece of material
  • Rinse gently
  • Squeeze a 20cent piece of Luxury Wigs Conditioner onto the wig and rinse through
  • Dab dry with a small towel
  • Sit your wig on it’s wig stand
  • You may choose to blow dry it on the stand but we recommend naturally letting it dry overnight


  • Once dry use your Luxury Wigs comb or Luxury Wigs wire brush to comb through the fibre (never comb through when wet)
  • If wanting to use heat – apply the Luxury Wigs Heat Protection Spray first to protect the fibre
  • Use a curling iron or flat iron up to 200 degrees
  • Use your Luxury Wigs Moisturising Conditioning Repair Spray in between washes to keep the wig fibre soft

Don’t neglect your wig, it loves attention!

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